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Lubbock, Texas

Have pregnancy, the aging process, or weight fluctuations caused your breasts to sag and lose their firmness? Dr. Patricia Arledge, specializing in breast enhancement in Lubbock, Texas, performs breast lift to restore a youthful shape and position to your breasts.


In addition to extensive training and experience, Dr. Arledge has a warm, caring approach that reveals that she cares just as much about your results as you do. Dr. Arledge will listen carefully to your goals, discuss them with you, and guide you through every step of your experience to keep you comfortable and confident that you made the right decision.

To learn more about how Dr. Arledge can enhance your figure, request a consultation online, or call us today at (806) 788-5598 to schedule a visit.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A breast lift may achieve your goals if you want to:

  • Remove excess, sagging breast skin

  • Raise your breasts to their original youthful position

  • Restore your breasts’ firm, round shape

  • Make your breasts more symmetrical

  • Correct nipples that point down

If you also want to restore lost breast volume or enhance your breast size, Dr. Arledge often combines breast augmentation with a lift for a more comprehensive breast enhancement.

“I don’t think of them as procedures; but as options I can offer my patients for transformation!”

          — Dr. Patricia Arledge

My Goal: 
is to enhance your appearance 
subtly and beautifully. 

Your Procedure

To ensure that your breasts are symmetrically positioned, Dr. Arledge will ask you to sit up while she measures and marks your breasts. Using her extensive skills and uncommon attention to detail, she meticulously evaluates those markings before beginning the procedure. To keep you comfortable throughout your surgery, Dr. Arledge then uses general anesthesia.

Dr. Arledge uses one of 3 incision patterns, based on your breasts’ size and amount of excess skin:

  • A periareolar incision, sometimes referred to as a donut mastopexy, is performed around the areola.

  • A vertical incision is placed around the areola and down to the breast crease.

  • An anchor incision is made around the areola, down from and then horizontally along the breast crease.

Dr. Arledge then lifts and reshapes the breast tissue beneath the incision to improve your breast’s shape and firmness. She uses sutures placed deep within your breast tissue to support your enhanced breasts, and then moves the nipple and areola to the desired height. In addition, Dr. Arledge removes the excess breast skin for a tighter, shapelier appearance. She then closes the incisions.


Breast lift patients are given a surgical support bra during surgery that they must wear until Dr. Arledge advises them otherwise. Showering can be resumed 24 hours after surgery. Some women experience mild swelling and soreness, which subsides within a few weeks.

Dr. Arledge recommends reducing your activities for the first few days, and then returning to your regular routine and exercise program after 2 to 3 weeks. The incision lines gradually fade as you heal.

Results and Benefits

The benefits of beautifully shaped and youthfully positioned breasts often are both emotional and physical. Many of Dr. Arledge’s patients say that they feel more positive about their appearance. From enjoying their expanded choice in clothing to participating in activities such as swimming, they appreciate the results of Dr. Arledge’s exceptional skills and experience.