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Lubbock, Texas

Overly large breasts can result in physical discomfort, such as shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. In addition, you may feel social or emotional discomfort from unwanted attention, and may be limited in your choices of activities and clothing. To correct these concerns, Dr. Patricia Arledge performs breast reduction in Lubbock, Texas, for beautifully proportioned and shaped breasts.

In addition to her extensive training and refined skills, Dr. Arledge has a compassionate, warm approach that shows that she cares just as much about your results as you do. She will focus attentively on your goals and discuss them thoughtfully in order to achieve the appearance you desire. She will guide you through every step of your experience to keep you comfortable and confident that you made the right decision.

Learn more about how Lubbock, Texas breast reduction from Dr. Arledge can help you look and feel better. Request a consultation online, or call us today at (806) 788-5598 to schedule a visit.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A breast reduction may achieve your goals if:

  • You feel that your breasts are excessively large

  • You suffer from physical pain due to the weight of your breasts

  • You have grooves caused by bra straps digging into your shoulders

  • The weight of your breasts has resulted in stretched skin and enlarged areolas (the darker skin around the nipple)

  • The skin under your breasts becomes irritated and chafed

“I don’t think of them as procedures; but as options I can offer my patients for transformation!”

          — Dr. Patricia Arledge

My Goal: 
is to enhance your appearance 
subtly and beautifully. 

Your Procedure

To keep you comfortable throughout your breast reduction procedure (or “reduction mammoplasty,” as it is known), Dr. Arledge uses general anesthesia. Using a detailed procedure plan, she makes incisions around the nipple and along the underside of the breast to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin. In some cases, she may perform liposuction as well to reduce the breast volume. In addition, if needed, Dr. Arledge resizes the areola.

After achieving the desired breast size, Dr. Arledge tightens the surrounding tissue to lift and enhance the shape of your breasts. She then meticulously closes the incisions, which, with time, will fade to almost undetectable.


Dr. Arledge’s patients can shower 24 hours after their breast reduction. They will wear the surgical compression bra given to them during surgery until she advises them that they can transition to a regular bra. Most women experience mild swelling, which soon subsides. Incision lines make take several months to a year to fade from pink to white.

Results and Benefits

After their breast reduction, Dr. Arledge’s patients often say that the surgery has transformed their lives. They feel significantly better both physically and emotionally. With enhanced self-confidence, they experience a new freedom to participate in a wide range of activities, from jogging to swimming. In addition, many of Dr. Arledge’s patients tell her that for the first time, they enjoy shopping for clothes to showcase their beautifully proportioned figures.