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Scar Revision

Dr. Patricia Arledge performs scar revision for Lubbock, Texas men and women who wish to improve the cosmetic appearance of skin irregularities and blemishes resulting from prior injury or unsatisfactory surgical repair. These concerns include scars that are raised, discolored, depressed, poorly aligned and/or have mismatched texture.


Using the latest and most effective techniques, Dr. Arledge is exceptionally skilled in revising even scars that are quite obvious and unsightly. She blends them naturally into the surrounding skin, making them barely noticeable.


Discover how Dr. Arledge’s Texas skin care services can improve your appearance and self-image.Request a consultation now or call us today at (806) 788-5598.

Lubbock, Texas

“I don’t think of them as procedures; but as options I can offer my patients for transformation!”

          — Dr. Patricia Arledge

My Goal: 
is to enhance your appearance 
subtly and beautifully. 

Your Procedure

Depending on the scarring, Dr. Arledge may excise it and close it in a more meticulous fashion. Other types of scars require rearrangement of adjacent skin to break up the scar line (such as Z-plasty).

Scar revision is typically done under local anesthesia in the office. In most cases, the scar will look slightly worse for a short period of time before it begins to demonstrate improvements. Sometimes this can take up to several weeks to months.


Results and Benefits

Breast lift patients are given a surgical support bra during surgery that they must wear until Dr. Arledge advises them otherwise. Showering can be resumed 24 hours after surgery. Some women experience mild swelling and soreness, which subsides within a few weeks.

Dr. Arledge recommends reducing your activities for the first few days, and then returning to your regular routine and exercise program after 2 to 3 weeks. The incision lines gradually fade as you heal.

The benefits of beautifully shaped and youthfully positioned breasts often are both emotional and physical. Many of Dr. Arledge’s patients say that they feel more positive about their appearance. From enjoying their expanded choice in clothing to participating in activities such as swimming, they appreciate the results of Dr. Arledge’s exceptional skills and experience.